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Rock The Dress Photography in North Bay, ON

Tracey + Chris | Photography Session in Callender, ON

We love Tracey + Chris! I mean, what is there not to love about this couple? We got the incredible opportunity to shoot their engagement session and wedding last year! When Tracey contacted us to shoot their dress session, we couldn’t have been more ecstatic! I mean, to get yet another chance to hang out with the two of them!?! Yes!!

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Double the Dress | Barrie ON

Back in August, we did a double RTD session with two best friends, Jen Bontius and Shelley Watson. A couple of days later, Vicki Lucas (now Vicki Dalby) called us up and said that she loved this idea and might want to do a similar session with her best friend and matron of honour, Sarah Bisgould. But she wasn’t sure yet. Sarah, just so happened to be one of our 2010 June brides, and we were so excited to get the opportunity to spend the day with her and Kevin again. However, we didn’t solidify the booking until the night of Vicki + Dave’s wedding.

It was the end of the night, when Vicki pulled us aside and said the Double Rock the Dress with Sarah was a go! She said she wanted to schedule the session for sooner rather than later because she was so excited! The frigid temperatures couldn’t keep them from rockin’ their wedding dresses! I was convinced that we wouldn’t go near the water, but they both wanted to dive into the chilly lake. And that’s just what they did.

This past Saturday, these two former brides took a quick dip in the water. Lake Simcoe, which is even cold in the middle of summer, was freezing this past weekend. I think it is, also, worth noting that their husbands chose not to enter the water. Perhaps they didn’t want to get their rad Iron Maiden t-shirts wet.

We had so much fun!! When Vicki and Sarah get together, it’s a non-stop gigglefest! They have such a blast with each other and their joy is contagious. Thanks ladies for choosing to Rock The Dress with us! You make being a rock star look easy, no matter the weather.

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Rock the Dress | Best Friend Style

Can we say how much we love Shelley + Ian and Jen + Darren? I mean, seriously, they are awesome!

Jen + Darren were married in February of this year and we had the great honor of filming their winter wedding at Hockley Valley Resort in Orangeville, ON. It’s funny because Shelley, actually, contacted us first to ask about having us capture her wedding. Shortly after Shelley’s inquiry, we met Jen at a bridal show (not knowing that they knew each other) and she hired us to film her wedding. Well, when Shelley found out that her best friend, Jen, scheduled us to shoot her wedding, she was sold. She booked us to film and photograph her July wedding at Horseshoe Valley Resort in Barrie, ON, and we couldn’t be more ecstatic to have worked with these two fabulous ladies and their incredible husbands.

Shelley called us early last week and asked us if we were interested in doing a double Rock The Dress session, with Shelley + Ian and Jen + Darren. What better way for these best friends to “rock” their dresses than with each other and their hubbies. They even decided to invite their adorable dogs along for a portion of the shoot.

The relationship between the four of them is remarkable. Their bond of mutual affection is an inspiration to us all and a testament to what true friendship is all about. We are so happy that they allowed us to spend another day with them. They are loads of fun to hang out with and we believe they truly rocked their dresses… best friend style.

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Rock The Dress | Christina Lee

In the wedding photography world, typically, this shoot is referred to, as a Trash The Dress session; however, Paul and I are more interested in getting cool fashion-inspired photos of the newly married brides rockin’ it out, rather than “trashing” the dress. That’s why we choose to call these our Rock The Dress sessions, because these ladies shine!

Last year, we were introduced to Connie + Brett. We were fortunate enough to capture their wedding day and Connie’s Rock The Dress a few months later (Connie is the lovely rock star featured on the sidebar of our home page). Christina is good friends with Connie. When Christina saw Connie’s photos, she immediately contacted us to book her dress session. She was so pumped about the idea of getting to “rock” her dress again and take some stylishly modern photographs, that she invited her husband, Andrew, to come along.

Christina looked gorgeous in her wedding gown, and every time Andrew glanced at his wife, you could see the overwhelming love in his eyes. Thank you, Andrew, for allowing us to photograph these incredible moments between you two and many thanks to Christina for being awesome! We were blown away!