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Drum roll please…

We have an exciting announcement to make today! We are now delivering our couples’ treasured memories (photographs and films) on custom-made USB flash drives!!

Here are several reasons why we decided to make the upgrade…

1. Um, they look cool

2. Although DVDs are wonderful, it is a proven fact that they can get scratched or damaged making them unreadable

3. It makes sharing images and films with friends and family way easier

4. Um, did we say they look cool!?!

5. Instead of compressing films to fit them onto a DVD, we now can deliver them in their stunning original HD format for your viewing pleasure!

Need we say more? To all of our 2012 couples, if you so choose, you will automatically receive this upgrade free of charge as our gift to you! Thank you!!

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Rockstar Lighting | Easter Sunday

You may recall that we got the incredible opportunity to participate in a sunrise desert photo shoot with Gray Photography at WPPI in Vegas this past February. The photographs we produced that morning were awesome! We fell in love with the lighting artistry they’ve mastered and decided to bring the techniques we learned back home to Barrie and Toronto.

To achieve this edgy style, some seriously awesome equipment is mandatory. You need equipment strong enough to overpower the sun. What Gray recommends is the Einstein 640 studio flash unit, a medium-large softbox and a Vagabond Mini-Lithium Battery Pack (VML). The Einstein 640 is known for its power, consistency and range. This allows you to execute beautiful studio lighting outdoors or anywhere. The VML provides enough battery power for you to shoot all day on the go. It’s a compact, innovative, 3 1/2 pound portable power supply that is about half the size of an average shoe box. It’s one powerful pack! And it’s perfect for what we do.

We decided to experiment with the equipment yesterday, Easter Sunday. We hired an adorable, pint-sized male model for our shoot (our son, Noah). We paid him in steak, green beans, and cotton candy. It was his first time wearing a tie, so we wanted to make sure we captured this historic moment in his life. The photos turned out great and the gear rocked!! We are thrilled to be incorporating this set-up into our wedding photography and engagement sessions this Summer! It’s going to be hot!!