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Happy Birthday!

A Birthday Design by Melanie

My birthday is in a few weeks!!! Every year, around the first day of Spring, Paul starts asking me what I’d like to do for my special day. And every year I am at a loss for words. However, this year, I dared to be different. I created a design board filled with relaxing experiences and birthday fun! After emailing it to Paul, I realized that I loved it so much, I wanted share it with all of our friends.

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For Chocolate Cookie Lovers Only

About three years ago, I found an amazing cookie recipe in a weekly flyer from Bulk Barn. I immediately went online and saved a PDF of the recipe for future use. Ever since then, around Valentine’s Day, I bake these delicious chocolate cookies with homemade cream cheese frosting for my family. Well, last week, I was telling someone about how incredible these cookies taste, and wanted to send them a link to the recipe online, when lo and behold, I discovered the recipe is nowhere to be found!! The page had expired. Oh no! Now how do I pin it on Pinterest with no link?!?! Soooooo … I decided to post this recipe online for all those cookie lovers out there. You’re welcome.

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First Love | A Valentine Story

Valentine’s Day is officially over, but we’d like to extend the holiday to share a little love story with you. It’s about our son, Noah, and his first love… bowling.

Yes, that’s right. Our 2-year-old son is in love with bowling. It’s his favourite activity. If we would allow it, he would bowl from sunup to sundown. He is the proud owner of several bowling sets, all sponsored by grandparents, aunts, uncles, great aunts, and great uncles. He even knows the alley lingo. He can tell you about a strike, when to pick up a spare and how to avoid gutterballs.

When we’re visiting family, and they don’t have a bowling system on hand, he’s been known to find cups, discarded paper towel tubes and soccer balls to create his own bowling set. He’s built a bowling alley fashioned out of snow for outside fun, and even molded Play-Doh into a mini bowling set. He loves the sport that much!

As you’ve read, he’s not fussy when it comes to styles of bowling. He will bowl at a 5-pin alley, bowl using a plastic or foam bowling set, or bowl on an iPhone, iPad, and, most recently, a XBox Kinect video gaming system. We just had to share this with you because it made us smile. Hopefully, this delightful short film will brighten your day.

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Awana | Harvest Bible Chapel

Our faith in Christ is important to us, individually and professionally. We love the Lord and the fact that we attend a church that honours God and His Word. One way that we choose to serve God is to use our photography and video for church ministry. Recently, we created a short video for our Children’s Ministry Awana program. Awana (Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed) is our church’s mid-week ministry for children in Senior Kindergarten through Grade 5. It is designed to disciple children and encourage a strong biblical foundation in their lives.

We filmed the Party With The Pastors – Kids Style event last month. It was such a blessing to produce this short video and we hope that it educates others on the benefits of this amazing program. Awana is held Wednesday evenings at Timothy Christian School from 6:30pm-8:15pm. For more information, contact Harvest Bible Chapel in Barrie.

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Noah’s First Haircut

Sunday was a huge day in the Darlington household. It was the day our youngest member, 15-month old Noah, received his very first haircut. What a big boy! His mane was getting to be a bit unmanageable, so we both decided it was imperative for him to go to the hairdresser. Noah sat up straight and behaved like a pro throughout his visit. We were so proud of him.

We decided to bring a camera and some other gear to document this momentous event in our young son’s life. They probably thought it was a bit extravagant setting up a miniature studio in the middle of the salon, but it was worth it! Our baby’s growing up!