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Jimmy + Laura | Wedding Photography at Holland Marsh Wineries in Newmarket, Ontario

Jimmy + Laura | Wedding Photography in Bradford, Ontario

Jimmy + Laura are married! You may remember this extraordinary couple from their engagement session at Scanlon Creek Conservation Centre in Bradford last year. Since then, we’ve been eagerly anticipating their spring wedding. We love a good wedding and these two are such an inspiration. It’s amazing how God brought them together and continues to work in their lives. This is their wedding story.

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Winter Engagement Session at Devil’s Glen Country Club in Glen Huron, Ontario

Mike + Lindsey Engaged!

Lindsey + Mike

Meet Mike + Lindsey. This super sweet couple got engaged (almost a year ago) at Mike’s happy place, Devil’s Glen Country Club near Collingwood, Ontario. That glorious day back in March 2016 of their original engagement in the woods brought with it a wild ice storm; however, the day we chose for their photography session a year later was unseasonably warm. Being that Devil’s Glen holds a special spot in their hearts (it’s where they first met!), we couldn’t think of a more perfect place to re-visit for their engagement session.

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Winter Photography Video at Drysdale Tree Farm in Egbert, Ontario

Andrea + Derek | Wedding Photography Cinema in Alliston, Ontario

Andrea + Derek are married! You may remember this sweet couple from their fall engagement session amongst the trees at Drysdale’s. A few months later, we returned to the same spot for their wedding and couldn’t ask for a more spectacular winter day. Over the years, we’ve captured a number of winter weddings, but none has ever been as warm as this one. This is their wedding story.

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Winter Engagement Photography Session in Midhurst, Ontario

Dave + Kaitlyn Engaged!

Dave + Kaitlyn

Meet Dave + Kaitlyn. This good-humored couple (they love to laugh!) found us through their venue, one of our new “favouritest” wedding spots around Barrie, Vespra Hills. Love the location and staff! When we chatted about their ideas for an engagement shoot, they mentioned that they wanted a snow day portrait session. Well, that’s exactly what we got! Blustery winds, frigid temperatures and snow squall warnings were in full effect. You couldn’t ask for more perfect conditions for a winter wonderland theme.

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Winter Photography Engagement Session in Barrie, Ontario

Sara + Mike Engaged!

Sara + Mike

Meet Sara + Mike. We first met these two at our place a few months back. From the moment they spoke about their engagement story, we were instantly delighted. Mike surprised Sara with a proposal hidden inside of a fortune cookie (which you could imagine took some serious preparation and planning)! Sara read the fortune, BUT he had stepped out of the room to get the ring, and heard a scream coming from the other room. He ran back to see if she was okay and realized she had read the fortune, and in his hurriedness to check on her safety, he forgot the ring in the other room. So, he had to go back and get the ring and the rest is history. Seriously, could these two be any cuter?!? We knew then and there that we had to incorporate the fortune cookie into their engagement session.

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Winter Wedding Photography in Barrie, Ontario

Wes + Silvie | Wedding Photography at Holiday Inn in Barrie, Ontario

Church Doors

Wes + Silvie are married! As residents of Fort McMurray, these two have had quite an eventful year, to say the least! When your whole city has to evacuate, forcing you to pack up and leave quickly, it can make the process of planning a wedding a little bit of a challenge. But through the grace of God, they preserved and made it through! We are so happy for them! This is their wedding story.

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Wedding Photography Fusion at Paradise Banquet Hall in Vaughan, Ontario

Melanie + Rob | Wedding Photography Video in Vaughan, Ontario

Melanie + Rob are married! On a rainy day in mid-November, two adorable little girls gathered with family and friends to celebrate the marriage of their Mommy and Daddy, Melanie + Rob. We had the great pleasure of capturing this special event and spending the day with an incredible couple. This is their wedding story.

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Photography Engagement Session at Scanlon Creek Conservation Area in Bradford, Ontario

Jimmy + Laura Engaged!

Laura + Jimmy

Meet Jimmy + Laura. We have had the pleasure of knowing Laura for a few years now through the CrossTrainers ministry in Bradford, Ontario. However, recently, we discovered that she attended one of our very first local weddings way back in 2009. When we received an email from her telling us that she was engaged, we could hardly wait to meet the lucky guy. Jimmy + Laura are a wonderful match. We sat down with the two of them a few weeks ago and heard their sweet love story. A tale of how these two singles became a couple while volunteering at a marriage retreat. It was meant to be.

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Photography Engagement Session at Cullen Central Park in Whitby, Ontario

Becky + Brandon Engaged!

Becky + Brandon

Meet Becky + Brandon. A couple we’ve so been looking forward to meeting in person, after our initial Skype call a few months back. They are a super sweet couple from southern Ontario, who love to spend time outdoors. So, we thought the perfect location for their engagement photography session would would be the woodsy trails of Whitby. It was a perfect fall evening for a walk throughout the gardens of Cullen Central Park. We explored the area and got some great portraits of the couple enjoying their time in the park.

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