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Laura + Dusan | Fusion

Laura + Dusan are special to us, not only because they are a remarkable couple, but because they are the first to experience the newest addition to our wedding photo collections. We are excited to announce a new concept we are introducing. Fusion.

Fusion is the artistic union of photographic and cinematic video images to create a compelling story of a couple’s wedding day. It’s similar to a photo slideshow; however, it incorporates video, audio, and a modern soundtrack to bring the still images to life.

Photographs are paramount. It is important to hire a skilled professional to capture all those special moments of your wedding day. Cinematic video footage and audio are equally as significant. Imagine, not only having those beautiful, treasured images of such a monumental day, but having the honor of hearing your vows or the speeches of loved ones. To, not only, have a snapshot of your relatives dancing, but to be able to watch them move and groove onscreen. Priceless.

If you are interested in learning more about this essential collection, please contact us. We’d love to talk to you!

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Flashback | Venice by Night

We spent the rest of the day walking through the old-world alleyways of Venice. We explored the breathtaking San Marco’s Square, stopped at the Vivaldi Museum, a few high-end shops and a bakery for chocolate eclairs. Paul treated me to a yummy Italian cappuccino and my heart was in such good spirits from the delightful drink I shouted out “Bon Natale” to the woman behind the counter. She roared with laughter. Apparently, that means “Merry Christmas,” not “Good Night,” as I assumed. (It was the middle of summer).

After a good chuckle, we headed toward the Rialto bridge. Once there, Paul surprised me with a gondola ride!! We climbed aboard an actual, Italian, gorgeous black gondola with gold and red velvet trimming. We went on an unbelievable romantic, nighttime ride through the city. We sailed along the Grand Canal, past the ancient homes of Casanova and Marco Polo, while the faint sounds of Italian arias serenaded us in the distance, After the gondola ride, we ate dinner at a posh, little restaurant along the waterfront. We took a water taxi back to the pier, whilst gazing at the stars in the sky.

The next day, Paul found me a new camera to replace the broken one from the day before. My hero! We traveled to the center of town for a bite to eat. Once again, Paul went into a local flower shop and, this time, spoiled me with a dozen pink roses!

(We love the random mean-faced guy in the back of the photo LOL)

It was the perfect first date! We had an amazing time over those two days in Venice. There was no turning back now.

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Patricia + Kamil | Bride.ca

We are so privileged to be featured this week in the Bridal Network sponsored blog Bride.ca. The wedding they chose to spotlight was the union of Patricia + Kamil, one of our favourite couples of 2010. They were married on a stunning Saturday in mid-October. They were an amazing couple to film and photograph. It was an incredible day! The photo session took place at the Riverwood Conservancy Chapel Gardens, a hidden gem in the heart of Toronto. The reception celebration was held at the elegant Le Jardin in Mississauga, Ontario. The flowers were provided by Flower Parade. Thanks Bride.ca for the the post!

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Laura + Dusan | April 2 2011

Laura and Dusan said their vows on a beautiful, blustery Saturday in Spring. The weather report predicted rain, but when we arose that morning, the sun shone brightly. What a great start to a wedding day!

The ceremony was held at the newly renovated St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Barrie. This is the first of four wedding we get the honor of capturing at the church this Summer. We couldn’t be happier.

We had an amazing photo session! They are such a fun couple! You could tell we were going to have a good time simply by Laura’s wedding shoe selection – her very own blue suede shoes! Elvis would be so proud! Laura and the ladies in her wedding party were incredible! They handled the chilly gusts of wind in their strapless gowns like professionals. Fortunately, they hired a stretch limousine to warm up in between shots.

They held their reception at Innisbrook Golf Course in Innisfil. We discovered that Laura’s grandparents will be celebrating their 65th anniversary this month! What a remarkable testament to true love and marriage! It was such a pleasure to be a part of their family’s celebration!

We have a surprise coming next week for Laura and Dusan. Stay tuned…

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Flashback | Venice by Day

What you’re about to read over the next two Fridays is simply one of the most romantic first dates ever! I kid you not, it’s pretty awesome! It spans over two days and one night.

Day one began with a proposal. Not ours, but a friend of ours proposed to his soon-to-be wife as we sailed into Venice. Pretty nice proposal, huh? It was my first time in Venice. Paul asked me to spend the day with him and offered to show me around the city. We wandered through the winding alleyways and happened upon a pizzeria. My introduction to authentic Italian cuisine. After an incredible pizza, we set out to explore “The Floating City.” It was mind-blowing! We held hands as we strolled past historic buildings, cathedrals, and canals.

Paul stopped at a local floral stand and purchased a fragrant bouquet of lavender daisies for me. Carrying the flowers in my arms, made me feel just as lovely as Sophia Loren in a classic foreign film. All the women would jealously glare at me with my flowers, and then scowl at their men. It was a perfect day, and then… my camera fell to the ground and (sniff) died. Can you believe it? Here I was, in Venice, one of the most breathtaking locations in all the world and no way to document my visit. Paul felt sorry for my loss, so he took me to a cafe and bought me an espresso to make me feel better. Have you ever tried an Italian espresso? It tastes awful. I do not like them. I held my nose and downed it like it was cough syrup, which made Paul laugh hysterically. (Fact, he still, to this day, giggles at that mental image!) After the espresso (and a bellini), we continued on our walk and Paul took photos for me with his trusty travel-sized Canon camera.

Our first date story, continues next week… stay tuned for gondola rides and starry, starry nights.

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Awana | Harvest Bible Chapel

Our faith in Christ is important to us, individually and professionally. We love the Lord and the fact that we attend a church that honours God and His Word. One way that we choose to serve God is to use our photography and video for church ministry. Recently, we created a short video for our Children’s Ministry Awana program. Awana (Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed) is our church’s mid-week ministry for children in Senior Kindergarten through Grade 5. It is designed to disciple children and encourage a strong biblical foundation in their lives.

We filmed the Party With The Pastors – Kids Style event last month. It was such a blessing to produce this short video and we hope that it educates others on the benefits of this amazing program. Awana is held Wednesday evenings at Timothy Christian School from 6:30pm-8:15pm. For more information, contact Harvest Bible Chapel in Barrie.

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Flashback Friday | Santorini

Continuing with the story of how we met… Five days later, Paul and I decided to go on a photo department group outing in Greece. The ship anchored, so we all gathered and took a tender to the pier. The village of Santorini sits majestically atop a mountain, like a heavenly ivory palace. It is a breathtaking sight to behold! There are only three travel options from the pier: donkey, gondola or a climb up the steep, cobbled hill. We chose the donkey ride!

I was petrified and scraped up a good portion of my leg (thank you, Mr. Donkey), but it was well worth the adventure. Once atop the hill, we strolled through the narrow streets of Santorini. We found an obscure restaurant with a lovely veranda high above town to sample the fare. We sipped on authentic frappes, and wolfed down a delicious entree of chicken, potatoes, fresh tomatoes, and Greek salad. Yummy! The food, just like the backdrop, was gorgeous. We even tried the octopus! That day, Paul and I realized that we both do not know how to cut food properly. It was love at first bite (wocka wocka wocka). We knew it was the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

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WPPI | The Fun Continues

Our little boy, Noah, accompanied us to the Wedding & Portrait Photographers International convention in Las Vegas this year. As you can tell by our “home movie,” he was really excited to arrive! My mother, so graciously, babysat while we were busy participating in all the programs the conference had to offer.

Despite the unseasonably chilly Vegas weather, we spent our Sunday morning driving through, and marveling at the beauty, of the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area about 20 miles outside the city. It was an awe-inspiring sight that really put us in the right perspective and mindset for WPPI 2011.

Throughout our four day stay, we sat through numerous platforms, Master Classes and other thought-provoking seminars. We met some truly remarkable photographers (and cinematic videographers) who are changing the face of this industry. We strolled through the expansive trade show (seriously, the largest we have ever seen!) and attended a few photographer meet-ups sponsored by Showit. One, truly remarkable, Showit event was Photog Unite, a gathering of photographers who love Christ and choose to make it a priority to worship Him at WPPI. Unite contained glorious worship music, prayer and even invited a local pastor to preach a poignant message to emphasize the importance of not making things about you, but about God. Amen!

Overall, it was such a blessing to attend WPPI 2011! We can’t wait until next year!

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Flashback Friday | How We Met

Back in April 2005, I worked as a featured production show vocalist for Princess Cruises. I traveled extensively with other cruise lines companies prior to my placement at PCL, but never had the chance to tour the Mediterranean. Finally, I received a contract affording me the opportunity to spend a glorious summer in Italy, France, Greece, Turkey and Spain! I planned to spend my days exploring the treasures and ancient ruins in Europe. Never in my wildest dreams could I ever have imagined that I would meet the love of my life, Paul.

After a week of being onboard, I signed up to assist a passenger shore excursion for the day in Cannes/St. Paul de Vence. Generally, only one escort is allowed per tour; however, Paul and I were assigned to the same bus. I had no idea, at the time, that we were on the same ship! He introduced himself and asked if he could sit in the seat next to mine. The rest is history. We spent the entire day with one another, taking gorgeous photos of the walled village of St. Paul de Vence, eating divine crepes in an adorable cafe overlooking the French countryside, and sipping on cappuccinos in the park. That day filled me with an overwhelming sense of joy and truly made me appreciate the beauty of life. I had no idea that this was just the beginning…

Travel Note: In France, they put whipped cream on their cappuccinos! Bonus!

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Desert Photo Shoot WPPI

Last month, we traveled to Las Vegas for WPPI, an international wedding portrait and photography convention, at the MGM Grand. It was our first time attending the conference and it was… extraordinary! We are already making plans to go back next year.

Melanie has some serious skills when it comes to signing up fast for popular courses, which was a good thing because the Gray Photography (Zach + Jody Gray) Master Class sold out in no time! Having met them before at their business workshop (and from following their blog), I knew that their class was going to be amazing! A Master Class is meant to be 2 hours in a classroom setting, not very hands on. However, because Zach + Jody are awesome, they decided it would be more their style to bring everyone who wanted to come, out into the desert for a sunrise hands-on photo shoot. We headed out to Jean, NV at the crack of dawn with a caravan of cars (including a Mustang), and a couple of models. We shot for hours, with several set-ups, and it was incredible! It was freezing cold, but no one seemed to mind at all because the lighting was so hot!

The Grays emphasize delivering an experience that is above and beyond a couple’s expectations, and that is just what they did for all the attendees of their workshop! Below are some of the killer in-camera images from our early morning shoot.